style guide

Stumped on what to wear to your session?! Let me help you out!

Hi! I'm Sara, and I am your personal style guide for today's session! While I wish I could whisk into your home and pick out the perfect outfit from your closet, I unfortunately cannot. I CAN however give you some inspiration to help you look your best during your session with me! First things first, I love movement. Flowy dresses are my lifeeee. Anything that can capture the magical sea breeze is going to capture my heart. I love neutral and earth toned colors (think navy, olive, mustard, rust, and blush pink!). Patterns are something to avoid (unless you have a dress/top that you just can't live without! I can work with you!). Shoes not required: Since we are hanging out at the beach, feel free to ditch those high heels and put on some flip flops! You most likely will be taking your shoes off anyway to play in the waves and to walk in the sand. For the guys: Plain colored t shirts, or button ups free from patterns or logos, and plain colored shorts. Make sure to take off your sunglasses and remove anything from your pockets prior to your session. If you need to leave anything with me, I'd be happy to babysit it for you! Still need help? Click down below to see my current style guide on Pinterest!