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Your Session Won't Be Perfect... But Your Photos Will Be | Sara Bosquez Photography

Perfectly imperfect is what I always say.

I have sooooo many clients freak out before their session with me. "What if it's raining?! What if my baby won't stop crying?! What if the sunset isn't as pretty as I want it to be?!" Fear not, because all of those things WILL probably happen at some point. When I take photos, the moment may not be what my clients have envisioned; it may be cloudy, their dress isn't the color they ordered, or their baby isn't cooperating. Guess what?! That's amazing, because I am going to capture the most perfect photos of you in the moment! It's so hard to see yourselves from an outside perspective, but that's my job!

When you see a cloudy, overcast day, I see the perfect opportunity for some amazingly moody vibes and creamy perfect skin tones. When you see a fussy baby, I see the perfect opportunity to capture you comforting your child, the only way you as their mother knows how! While you are comforting your babe, I will capture all the in between shots; the unposed, raw and real shots. The small fingers curling around yours, the small sandy toes. If it starts to rain? We either wait it out (rainstorms pass quickly on our little island!), or embrace it! I don't mind getting rained on!

Every client that I have had who has been worried about their session, once their images are delivered, they write me back and say how amazing their photos are, even though they were CERTAIN their images would be absolutely terrible. So don't stress babe. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your time with me. I got you.

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