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Your Photos Are Safe With Me | Sara Bosquez Photography | Austin Texas Family Photographer

I recently was pulled into a debate in a photographer Facebook group and was stunned to see how many photographers said that they make their clients pay a FEE if their clients don't want their images posted online and on their photographer's social media.


Clients should never ever (especially when your clients are families with children like me!) have to pay to keep their faces off of YOUR social media. If I post a photo of a client on my page and they ask me to remove it? I will, gladly, immediately, and free of charge.

Model calls are different. I am offering you free images in return for letting me use your images online. But if you are a PAYING client? I will ALWAYS remove an image that you ask me to.

Client privacy is so so important to me, and it honestly speaks volumes to the photographers who make their already paying clients, pay EXTRA. I personally would never book that photographer, and that is something that you as a client should ask your photographer before you book them!

If you book a session with me, you and your images are 10000% safe with me. I promise.

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