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Your Boudoir Session Is Not Mine | Sara Bosquez Photography | St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

I fell in love with boudoir on a cold Alaskan morning in a small studio overlooking South Cushman street (if you're a Fairbanks resident, you know how sketchy South Cushman street is). I was shooting my first "boudoir day" and I had booked this super cute, boho studio space complete with a comfy bed, a couch, plants, and alllll the macrame. It was a dream, and my clients were incredible. I had so much fun, and left the studio that evening empowered, and excited to possibly add boudoir to my ever growing list of photography services I offered at the time. While I was there in between clients, another local photographer and I met up, and she convinced me that I needed to do my own boudoir photos. I hesitantly put on some lingerie, and we shot my photos. The entire time that the camera was in front of my body and face, I was uncomfortable. I have never been comfortable with my body. I have huge scars on my stomach, stretch marks from the 50+ pounds I gained during college (and have never been able to lose), bags under my eyes, etc. I didn't feel sexy. I didn't feel empowered. I felt exposed, like I was being shown off to the world even though I was safe inside a small enclosed studio space.

When I got the "Your photos are ready!" email, I nervously opened it, expecting to see the blob of a person I thought I was, and was prepared to hate how I looked in every single photo. To my surprise, I loved every single image. I looked GOOD, and I was saying over and over to myself "that's ME?" As a boudoir photographer, I have made it my mission for every single person I photograph to say "THAT'S ME?!" after they get their images. I want everyone to feel how I felt opening up that email.

With that being said, boudoir is not about other people. It's about YOU. How you feel. Your session is not mine. You can do whatever your little heart desires. You can show your images to whoever you want to (or don't want to!). If you want to be completely nude for your session with me? I'm down (as long as it's discussed before hand)! Do you want to just wear a one piece and have me pose you with flattering angles to suit your body type? You got it girl. This shoot is YOURS and yours alone. No one else gets a say in how you feel or what we do doing your shoot. Does your S/O not want you to shoot with me? Too bad. Tell them to take a HIKE. You should do a boudoir session because you want to, and only you. Giving your photos to your S/O as a gift is a lovely gesture, but overall babes, this is for you. I want to see you shine. I want to see you light up with self empowerment, and I want you to carry that new sense of self everywhere you go! THAT is why I do what I do. And it is such a privilege.

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