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When Is The Best Time To Get Maternity Photos Done On St. Thomas? | Sara Bosquez Photography

So you are thinking about booking me for a maternity session on St. Thomas! That's awesome! You may be wondering, "WHEN should I take my maternity photos?? I don't want to look too small." Every woman carries their baby differently, so my timeline of when you should get your photos done can vary, so keep that in mind! I've shot mommas who were 27 weeks pregnant, and I've shot mommas who were days away from giving birth! The sweet spot? 32-36 weeks. At this time, you will still be able to (hopefully) move around and won't be too uncomfortable, and your bump will be pronounced and visible. I love to get close up shots of my maternity clients in the water and on the sand, and gorgeous silhouettes of your bump against the sunset! Planning a babymoon to St. Thomas and want to get maternity photos done while you are here? Let's do it and make some magic!

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands Maternity Photographer
St. Thomas Maternity Photographer | Sara Bosquez Photography

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