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5 Beach Boudoir Poses That Will Give You The Booty Of Your Dreams | St. Thomas Boudoir, USVI

Happy Tushy Tuesday boudie babes! In honor of this glorious day, I decided to share 5 poses that I use to help my clients achieve the ultimate "booty goals." These are my go-to poses and I love love LOVE showing my clients the back of the camera after using these because I always get a "WOW! THAT'S ME?!" My goal is to make YOU feel empowered, sexy, and confident like the spicy jalapeño pepper you are babes. Let's get started! (Warning: Wedgies ahead)

  1. The Classic Grab and Go: Start by placing your dominate foot forward. You're gonna want to pull your bathing suit bottoms allll the way up that booty crack. Give yourself a huge wedgie. Suits that show off more of the booty and sit higher on the hips make your booty pop more. Bend forward slightly and push your chest forward. This elongates your body and gives the illusion of a "perfect" hourglass figure. Slightly move your hips up and back, and using both hands, grab the back of that booty. This classic pose is my favorite to help clients warm up in from of the camera, and to help them get a feel for their body.

2. On Your Knees: First thing's first, give yourself that big wedgie girl. Once you have the wedgie of all wedgies, we are gonna do something SUPER sexy. Get on your knees, and slightly part your legs. This gives you a little bit more stability (especially if you're facing the ocean and don't want to get pummeled to the ground by some waves). Move your chest up and forward like the last pose, and bring those hands up over your head, and gently put them together. Thing ethereal, think light, think sexy! Bring your body into a slight curve to the side and work it girl!

3.) Lounging Around: Wedgie UP! Lay on your side like you would lay in bed. Then, cross the leg that is facing the sky over the bottom leg. This pops up your hip and creates that gorgeous hourglass figure and curved lines. Slightly bend your upper body forward, and bring your hips back. Then get comfy and let me do my thing! This is one of my favorite poses because it is comfortable for my clients, but produces WOW results! Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

4: Standing and Sultry: We are gonna circle back (haha. business joke) to the first pose. You're gonna do EXACTLY the same thing as you did for the first pose (wedgie and all babe) but this time you're going to put your hands UP in your hair, and slightly pop your hips to one side. This creates that feminine "s" curve, and elongates your gorgeous bod! This pose also gives you the chance to show off those spicy shoulders and beautiful back! Work it babe!

5.) Child's Pose, But Not For A Child's Eyes: I like this pose because it's comfortable and casual while still giving my clients that booty debut. You're going to get into "child's pose" and put your hands out in front of you. Pop that booty up just slightly, and spread your knees for a little more stability. This pose is one of my favorites because it's so simple, but SO powerful!

Those are my top five booty poses! I try to find new poses all the time, so I hope this helps you think of new poses for your own clients! Or, if you are a potential client and you're reading this blog post, I hope this shows you how STUNNING you can be during your boudie session with me on the beach! Ready to book? Let's chat! Fill out a contact form! I am always here to answer any questions that you have! Just ask! Happy Tuesday babes! I hope you have an amazing week!

- Sara Bosquez Photography

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