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Read This If You Want To Have The Best Session EVER!

I totally get it. Photoshoots can be STRESSFUL. Getting you and your partner (and if you are doing a motherhood session your toddler/baby ooof) ready, fed, and out the door on time can be an actual nightmare. What if there is traffic?! What if it rains?! What if you are super nervous about being in front of the camera?! Don't worry babe. I got you.

First, I make sure we both know where and when we are meeting for our session. I'm not gonna get there and be like "Ok! I'm here! This place looks good! Let's meet here!" No. Haha. If you end up being a little bit late to your session, just let me know. I'm super chill and flexible with my clients as long as they communicate with me! If it is raining we can either reschedule, or just embrace it! Some of my favorite sessions have been photographed in the rain! If you don't mind a downpour, I'm down for anything! Let's have fun! If you are nervous about being in front of the camera? Don't be!! It's 100% going to feel SUPER awkward at first, and that's ok. Lean into it, embrace the awkward. Joke around with your partner, focus on your baby. I will be there to capture raw, real, and authentic emotions. I'll make sure that you look amazing, and you won't even be able to tell that you're uncomfortable in your photographs! By the end of your session, you will be a seasoned pro!

"Well, that sounds great, but I have NO idea what to even wear?!"

That's amazing, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE styling my clients. It's one of my favorite parts about my job! Show me alll the clothes in your closet. Put on a little fashion show! Or, if all else fails, you can totally use ANY dress I have in my client closet for FREEEEE!

My goal as a photographer is to wow all of my clients. I want you to be thrilled with your images, and I want you to want to show them off to all of your friends and family, and hang them in your home! If there is anything else that you are worried about, or want clarity on, just ask me, and I would LOVE to help! This is going to be your best session EVER! Just you wait! :)

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