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Read This Before Your Next Family Photoshoot | Sara Bosquez Photography

So you booked your yearly family photos! Hopefully it's with me, but even if it's not (and that's ok!), I wrote this post to help get some jitters out before your big day! Family photos (especially when you have small kiddos) are widely known to be chaotic, stressful, and not very fun, but they don't have to be this way! These three tips below can help you have the best family photo session EVER! You and your family deserve to be photographed, and deserve to preserve those precious memories.

Three things to remember during your family photos: 1.) Don’t rush through them because you want your kids to cooperate. Kids have a short attention span, and that’s ok! We will do the posed photos first, and then you can let them go and play! Let them run, jump, have fun, and be kids! I will pose you (the parents) around whatever they are doing. It’s ok if they aren’t cooperating for that perfect family photo. Don’t yell at, scold, or command your kids to behave. That stresses them out, and makes them not want to cooperate even more. Just relax and enjoy this moment in time with your family. Your images will be stunning. 2.) Make sure that your kids are well rested and fed before your session. If your session is at sunset, it’s ok to feed them dinner beforehand and sneak a little nap in. Trying to make your kids power through is a recipe for cranky kiddos and stressed out parents. Pack water and light snacks for them to nibble on throughout the session. A full kid is a happy kid. 3.) Tell your kids what is happening ahead of time! Even show them a photo of me if you want to and explain to them who I am and what I do! Anything to make them more comfortable around me and my camera. Let them know what their jobs are (to have fun and be kids!)! If you’re into bribery (candy, cookies, ice cream) let me know and I’d be more than happy to bring along some goodies for them as a reward for being the best models ever! Let’s make these the best family photos ever!

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