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Magical Family Session at Golden Hour | Hull Bay, St. Thomas, USVI | Sara Bosquez Photography

Hull Bay Beach on St. Thomas, USVI is such an underrated beach for family (or maternity!) sessions! The golden light at sunset is just *chef's kiss.* When Maya reached out to me about photographing her sweet little fam before they moved off island, I just HAD to say yes! Their sweet little girl was so expressive throughout their entire session, and loved dancing and playing in the surf. Family sessions hold such a special place in my heart. There is something so so special about that perfect family photo ya know? Every time I have a family book a session with me, I am so honored. You are choosing to let ME take photos that you will show your children when they are older, and your children will show THEIR children, and all the way on down the line for decades to come. There’s just something so magical about that. I love it. My grandma keeps a photo box underneath her coffee table and whenever I am at her house I pull it out and look through all the photos; hundreds of memories, and moments captured in time, and it just is so special. Take the photos friends. Just take the photos. If you and your family are coming to St. Thomas, let me take your photos! It will be so fun, and you will get the best photos ever! Let's make some magic together!

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