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mentorships +presets

I am so glad you are here with me! It means that you are interested in learning all of my tips and tricks through a mentorship, or that you want to level up your work with my gorgeous "Like Water" presets! Below, you will find everything that you need to make your work magical, dreamy, and off the charts! I hope that this is the perfect landing page for you. Let's work together! 

sara bosquez photography

let's talk mentorships!

I love teaching other photographers about the magic of golden light, and how they can incorporate that into their work. I specialize in dreamy, creamy images, and magical connections between my clients. I also LOVE to incorporate water into my images; lakes, the ocean, rivers, you name it, I'm making my clients get in it lol. 

When you book a mentorship with me, you will get access to all of my secret tips and tricks! I will teach you how to properly use golden hour light, how to pose and prompt your clients, how to style your clients in a way that will make your images stand out, and so much more! Ask me anything

Each mentor session will take place over a 1 hour zoom call, and afterwards,  you will get a copy of my presets for FREE!

mentorship package: $250

Austin Texas Maternity Photographer

the presets

Like water presets were created with YOU in mind! The dreamy image creator; the lover of sunset chasing, golden light, the magic of water, and genuine connection with your clients. In this preset pack you will get 1 color preset, and 1 black and white preset. (Psssst. the black and white is my favvvv). You will also get a download guide, and a short editing video! I can't wait to see what you create. 

Ready to book?
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